I am interested in exploring individual and collective memory and how they build the foundation of our identity. Memory is the organism’s ability to store, retain, and subsequently recall information. Memory is at the same time strong and fragile as any other part of our body. I’m especially attracted by the vulnerability of it: what happens when a disorder disrupts the patterns that code our thoughts, skills, and sense of who we are.

In my work, the use of construction materials (aircraft cable, hot glue, glass) and pharmaceutical materials (vinyl tubing, feeding tubes, and connectors) combine these two qualities: strength and precariousness. Many of the materials have a blurry property that depicts the blockage or unreliability of memory. In the installations glass vessels collect water from rain that later evaporates, flexible transparent cables connect a designated source with the receptacles, and sound is incorporated to trigger other layers of recollections.

Texts, poems, and human voices are incorporated in my works as a palimpsest of memories.

Lucia Warck-Meister at the Palm BeachBienniall